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I’m very sad to say that due to the situation we all are facing with the corona virus spreading across communities that I am taking the unprecedented step to cancel all face to face classes in my studio or held in hired halls until further notice. This decision is in line with government advice and is intended to keep you and I safe from possible cross-contamination if anyone happened to be carrying the virus.


I am delighted to be able to offer you all access to LIVE ONLINE CLASSES, so that you do not have to stop enjoying a class with PilatesWise altogether.
Keeping fit in your body, and the mindful nature of pilates, will do you the world of good during such testing times.

Classes members will still need to pay a small fee, but I’ve taken the decision to significantly reduce this to what you would normally pay for a class.

All classes and private sessions (including initial consultations) will last 40 minutes, and will be held using the meeting platform ‘Zoom’.

You will need to complete the enrolment form for online classes and sign and make sure you read the Terms and Conditions before you sign up.

You can book Group classes and Private classes.

Timetable of classes can be found here.

Welcome message and details about opportunity to have a FREE taster class with Kat...

Here’s how I can help…

I know, firsthand, the many benefits Pilates will give YOU. It is a mindful intelligent exercise method that will not only make you feel amazing itself, but will prevent you becoming injured undertaking other exercise making everything you do much more enjoyable. It keeps you free of pain and imbalances, will strengthen your body from the inside out and your mind through and through. It absorbs you, giving you a break from everyday worries and stresses. Teaches you will power, to be disciplined, and to firstly take care of yourself means you can then take care of others. YOU are important. YOU must take care not to allow challenges in life to detract from a little bit of time and focus for YOU.

My story is a success story which I hope can inspire others.

I am not only a pilates teacher, I am Mum to two beautiful girls, both clever, and thoughtful, talented and inspiring as both have complex health and educational needs. They live with a genetic disorder called Hypermobility Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (HEDS), as well as Autism and ADHD. The unconditional love and dedication I have for my children initially drove me to become a pilates teacher. The journey I have been on has been empowering as well as, at times, emotional and challenging and physically demanding. It has helped me realise how fortunate we are, and that none of these things are what define us, or make us any ‘different’ really to anyone else, our basic needs as humans are all the same, and exercise, for starters, is something we all have in common.

I have no doubt the mental and physical strength I have, thanks to pilates, has been essential throughout my life.

Being Mum is my most important job in the world, being a pilates teacher gives me independence and focus, away from everyday worries and stresses, and isn’t that vitally important for us all? It enables me to work around the many appointments and family commitments we have, and in helping others I get the most amazing feeling, its been the most rewarding wonderful job I could ask for.

Pilates is a skill, a discipline, and an integral part of my life. Much more than just exercise it works your body in the way in which is was designed, irons out imbalances and corrects dysfunction. I need my body and mind to be strong, and Pilates has helped me come out fighting and stronger than ever.

Pilates for us is a success story. It is a way of life, and I strongly recommend everyone needs that physical and mental strength, whatever your story is.

Pilates has been life changing for my family. My Mentor and master teacher trainer, Miranda Bass I have to thank, for her wonderful training and inspiration has meant my passion for my job never ends and my body is stronger than ever despite the older I get.

I will give you the knowledge and teach you the skills to walk away from class and use every single day, for the good of your mind and your body.

Pilates is not only about the here and now of the session you go to, its about learning how to use your body functionally, with flexibility and core control. Skills you need when gardening, walking, horse riding, running, cycling, sailing, para gliding, swimming, athletics, bowls clubs, skiing. the list goes on, and on.

You will need to bring along some will power though, as often my clients are much more capable than they think they are, and I will push you to explore your limits, and empower you to move with confidence and remove boundaries to movement.

You will be amazed how capable you really are.

My classes are small, hands on, with a long term goal to TEACH and give you the knowledge to EMPOWER you to care for your own body with confidence.

I am experienced in movement, Pilates is my passion.

I walk the room and make hands on tactile corrections throughout the class, so YOU get the most from the class.

I love my job, and passionately want everyone to feel good and achieve the best results

I love working with my clients and want you to walk out feel 2 inches taller

I want you to learn a new perspective on exercise

I offer a range of group matwork classes which are fun, challenging and achieve results, and I run these across West Sussex: Horsham, Billingshurst, Slinfold, Mannings Heath.

Just take a look at my timetable.

I always recommend new starters book an initial consultation or attend a beginner course in my beautiful Billingshurst Studio. This is particularly important if you are experiencing pain, recovering from surgery, have an injury or have any other medical history which may require exercise prescription. My classes are all bespoke and I deliver classes according to what YOU need.

For a particular interest, I also offer Basic Anatomy, Advanced Pilates, Running, Equestrian and Golf workshops throughout the year.

Or, if you prefer a smaller setting you can book private sessions as well as small groups of 2 to 4 in my bespoke studio where I can train you on the apparatus, including the reformer, tower, ladder barrel and wunda chair plus many other pieces of small equipment. Alternatively I can come to your home.

If you would like us to come and teach at your business, school, college, or elsewhere, please complete our enquiry form and we will be very happy to provide you with a quote for bespoke classes. I am proud to have been invited to work at Farlington School, Sussex Ehlers Danlos support group and South Lodge Hotel to name a few.

Pilates is a Wise choice. Book Online today and you can enjoy the many benefits yourself. You wont look back!


‘the acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors” Joseph Pilates

Pilates Courses for Beginners

Comprehensive 6 week courses for Beginners

Beginner 6 week course, Mondays 9am, Slinfold Village Hall: £80 Book Online
Beginner 6 week course, Tuesdays 9:30am, Billingshurst Studio: £80 Book Online
Beginner 6 week course, Tuesdays 5:30pm, Billingshurst Studio: £80 Book Online

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IMPORTANT Message from Kat: Corona Virus Update!

Dear all,

I’m sad to announce the temporary closure of all of my face to face classes in my studio, or hired venues. It’s the simplest way to keep everybody safe, and in my view, the most likely way that this whole situation will settle down so life can return to normal for us all.

I am delighted to be able to offer you all access to ONLINE LIVE CLASSES, so that you do not have to stop altogether. I really hope that you will join in. Keeping fit in your body, and the mindful nature of pilates, will do you the world of good.

Please spread the word, there will be a lot of bored people out there in need of movement, and here’s an opportunity for them to join a class if perhaps they would have been working previously or unable to attend for other reasons.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email. If I cannot respond immediately, I will endeavor to reply as soon as possible.

Yours in health, and fitness


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