How to use our online booking system

To book with us, you will need to create an account on our PilatesWise Team Up site first. Search through the calendar and filter classes by date or venue.  Select the class you want and if there is space, book away! ​ You have FOUR OPTIONS as a NEW STARTER with PilatesWise:

  1. Monthly membership If you are looking for a guaranteed space in a class, this is the option for you, to buy a monthly membership on a direct debit scheme. This will give you a guaranteed space in a weekly class and is with the expectation you will attend that same weekly class, and will guarantee your space in that class until such time as you no longer wish to continue, you must provide us a minimum of a terms notice of your intention to leave.
    A monthly membership will give you access to the members area as well as remove the hassle of re-booking every term or when class packs finish, payments are set up and debited on a rolling monthly basis by direct debit.

  2. 6 week class pack valid for 6 weeks You may prefer to purchase class as part of a block rather than subscribe to a monthly membership scheme. Your place will be guaranteed for the classes you book. We ask you to book classes consecutively, except obviously if there is a holiday period. This is a pack of 6 classes which can be used to attend either a Foundation, Core Flow or Gentle 50+ class, all of which are suitable and can be adapted to your individual needs. Once booked, this pack is non-refundable and non transferable. When booking a 6 week pack of classes with PilatesWise the first class ought to start at the beginning of the next term where possible. If you wish to start mid-term, please contact Kat on

  3. 10 class pack valid for 15 weeks Should you need more flexibility, for example if you work shifts, then this is the right option for you. To purchase a class pack of 10 classes, with a period of 15 weeks in which you can take those classes. When the 15 weeks is up, the pack will automatically expire. The membership will begin on the day of purchase. This membership will only guarantee you a space for 10 sessions, thereafter you will need to re-book into that class. Once purchased you will be asked to book in your sessions. These class packs are non refundable, and once you’ve chosen your sessions they are also non transferable. Please also be aware that if you cannot attend a session you must provide 48 hours notice, or you will lose that session. You are also able to rebook yourself via the TeamUp page.

  4. Taster Week You may wish to purchase one or more classes during taster week. Classes are £12 each and non refundable non transferable once booked. You can book into any class that week and come along for a taster. Please read our T&C’s

Do check out our offers page for the latest offers on new bookings.

Please note

It is important that you complete an enrolment form at the time of booking, which can be downloaded here. The form is part of our due diligence to you so we can be sure you’re ok to join classes and we are aware of medical conditions or injuries that we must accommodate in our lesson planning.

If you have never done pilates before, or you have any injuries or medical history which may need further consideration, you should also book an initial consultation prior to starting classes. These may be booked by calling Kat on 07747 464828 and more information about these is available here.