How to use our online booking system

To book with us, please follow these steps:

  • Create an account on our PilatesWise Team Up page. (you can search through the calendar and filter classes by date or venue, or you can select a membership and then select your class).  ​
  • Select which membership option will suit you best (visit the membership page) or select a class pack to block book a set number of classes.

  • Choose your class. There are various class options in various locations. If you need the specific day and time, we can accomodate all abilities in all classes, depite the label they may have (beginner etc.), so please book the class which is most convenient.

  • Email us your enrolment form.

  • Claim your FREE complimentary class

  • Enjoy your pilates!

REMEMBER If you are a beginner or you have any injuries or medical history which may need further consideration, you MUST book an initial consultation prior to starting classes. These may be booked by emailing Kat on 07747 464828 and more information about these is available here. Alternatively when you make your first bookikng, click on the FREE complimentary class section to claim your class and note here that you need to book a consultation and we can arrange that at the same time.

If you have any problems booking, please just call Kat on 07747 464828 and she will help.

Please note

It is important that you complete an enrolment form at the time of booking, which can be downloaded here. The form is part of our due diligence to you so we can be sure you’re ok to join classes and we are aware of medical conditions or injuries that we must accommodate in our lesson planning.