Comprehensive 6 week courses for Beginners

Comprehensive 6 week courses for Beginners

These courses are specifically for those of you who have never done pilates before, to both learn the foundations of the method, whilst also meeting others and having fun in a group class situation. Each class is 55 minutes in duration and located at one of our venues, keep an eye on the timetable. We will provide all the equipment necessary and course notes.

The 6 week course is to be booked instead of the initial consultation and will be a more in depth introduction to the method. It is not the same as the 6 week starter pack which can only be booked once an initial consultation has been booked.

2 weeks before the course ends each person will be asked to choose and book their regular monthly class of their choice (subject to availability). This isn’t created to be a standalone course, the follow on into our classes is recommended and expected when you book.


The course is £80 for 6 consecutive weeks. It is not possible to refund or offer an alternative for any sessions missed.

Once booked these courses are non refundable and non transferable.

Beginner 6 week course, Mondays 9am, Slinfold Village Hall: £80 Book Online
Beginner 6 week course, Tuesdays 9:30am, Billingshurst Studio: £80 Book Online
Beginner 6 week course, Tuesdays 5:30pm, Billingshurst Studio: £80 Book Online

The start dates for the next Courses are:

Monday 6th January, 2020 Tuesday 7th January, 2020

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Please ensure you complete and return an enrolment form BEFORE the course starts.

Times and Location

Day Time Location
Monday 9:15am Slinfold Village Hall, Slinfold
Tuesday 9:30am Billingshurst Studio, Billingshurst
Tuesday 5:30pm Billingshurst Studio, Billingshurst

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