Foundation Mat

If you have never done Pilates before its best to start in a Foundation class where possible.

The classes are aimed at those who have little or no previous experience of Pilates or if you are a little rusty, or for those who are still developing their strength and stamina.

All our classes are limited in numbers ensuring everyone receives the benefit of corrections, adaptations or modifications throughout the class as appropriate.

Pilates is a movement method based on highly intelligent and effective system of exercises designed with the goal of ultimate freedom of movement and physical fitness in mind. It therefore has its own terminology and style and, with such a focus on good technique and body awareness we need to take you through the basics before we turn up the difficulty. Don’t worry though, even at this level Pilates is challenging and will give you fascinating insight into your body! If you really want it, we can have your core screaming even with beginner exercises.

These classes are ultimately a stepping stone to the Core Flow and Dynamic classes.

You can fast track yourself by taking private lessons with one of our teachers. In a 1-2-1 setting you’ll learn the Pilates principles in no time.

This class is suitable for all abilities, whether a beginner or more experienced.


You have 3 options: 1) Pack of 6 classes if you are a NEW customer, membership in class is valid only for the duration of the pack 2) Monthly membership by direct debit, membership in class is guaranteed until you cancel 3) Pack of 10 classes valid for 15 weeks, membership in class is guaranteed for 10 sessions to taken within 15 weeks.

If you are brand new to pilates, or you have any medical history which will need to be considered and discussed, you may also need to attend an initial consultation, in which case you will need to call Kat on 07747 464828 or email, to book that.

New starter pack of 6 classes: £72
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Monthly membership: £40.00
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10 class pack - valid for 15 weeks: £120
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If you are New to PilatesWise you will need to Download your enrolment form and email this back to

Times and Location

Day Time Location
Monday 10:00am Slinfold Village Hall, Slinfold
Tuesday 7:30pm Wisborough Green Village Hall, Wisborough Green

Need further information?

Please call 07747 464828 or email