Over 50's Mat

This lovely slightly more gentle class will be held in our boutique studio in Billingshurst. It is a small class for up to 4 people aimed specifically at those in the over 50 age group, or those of you looking for a gentler option. That said, all exercises delivered are modified according to ability, not simply just according to age.

Exercises delivered aim to help healthy bone ossification, spinal mobilisation, maintenance of flexibility and lots of balance work - all very important as we age. There is a further 15% price reduction for senior citizens. (enquire before you book)


You have 4 options: 1) Pack of 6 classes if you are a NEW customer, membership in class is valid only for the duration of the pack 2) Monthly membership by direct debit, membership in class is guaranteed until you cancel 3) Pack of 10 classes valid for 15 weeks, membership in class is guaranteed for 10 sessions to taken within 15 weeks. 4) Monthly membership by direct debit, Valid for senior citizens only, membership in class is guaranteed until you cancel

If you are brand new to pilates, or you have any medical history which will need to be considered and discussed, you may also need to attend an initial consultation, in which case you will need to call Kat on 07747 464828 or email pilateswise@mail.com, to book that.


If you are New to PilatesWise you will need to Download your enrolment form and email this back to pilateswise@mail.com.

Need further information?

Please call 07747 464828 or email pilateswise@mail.com