Success Stories

I joined Pilateswise in 2014, and today I am still there! (she can’t get rid of me!). I have found the instruction we get and the tips and advice have helped me build a real love and reliance for Pilates as i have found the benefit in my body from regular practice. I enjoy the social element and we have had lots of laughs over the years. Id say to everyone don’t hesitate just sign up and try for yourself. Pilates with Kat is superb!

Emily Isherwood, Horsham

I was immensely impressed when I met Kat when I was a member at South Lodge Hotel, having just recovered from a hip replacement operation. From the minute she worked with me I felt the benefits, and I have not looked back since. I have never been taight Pilates in the way Kat does, she is so details and explicit in her knowledge and advice and it’s really been fascinating. I now see Kat privately at her studio in Billingshurst and she has put together a structured programme which I am benefiting from very much. I would highly recommend Kat as a teacher as she is very attentive and kind and nothing is too much trouble. I haven’t looked back once.

Leanne Evans, Mannings Heath

I have been doing pilates intermittently for a number of years with different instructors. Most of the classes have been fairly large (15+) but Katharine keeps hers small so that she can give her clients the attention they require. She is very knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic. I also enjoy using the range of varied equipment Katharine brings to the classes which “keeps us on our toes” and makes sure the classes do not get repetitive or boring. I recommend her classes to anyone wishing to keep flexible or with problems (back pain etc).

Yvonne McCartney, Horsham

The best Pilates class I have been to. Katharine is a brilliant teacher offering support and correction throughout the class. I always feel that I am improving each week and have learnt a lot. We use a variety of equipment and I look forward to class each week. I had a personal goal to improve my core strength after two pregnancies and with Kat’s kind encouragement and helpful guidance, I have achieved this and gained knowledge of a wide range of exercises to continue to improve and maintain this strength :)

Becca Hollis, Southwater

Kat is an amazing Pilates teacher and takes a special interest in each and every person, taking into account any medical issues they may have. I really enjoy running and find that Pilates creates a great balance for me, helping me to be a better runner! I couldn’t recommend her more.

Melanie Tilly, Southwater