Group Classes

We are delighted to be able to offer an array of group classes to suit your individual needs.

Which class should I book?

If you’ve done pilates before let us know. Many places offer pilates but not necessarily as we teach it. We want you to be happy in class not wondering what on earth is going on! So just let us know which class you’d prefer and we can check suitability and advise if that’s the most suitable class to book with us. Please Enquire here.

Fab. We run small classes for this reason, so everyone can work at their level under our close supervision. We will make sure you ‘get it’ and are there for any questions, any time. Everyone learns at a different pace, and you should take yours, an d never feel pressure.

Glad to hear it that’s great. Now you can come and unlock more physical potential with Pilates. It is all about the quality of movement. Everyone will learn something new, and these classes are challenging, you can enquire here as to which class will suit you, and we guarantee the benefits to joint health and core stability will help prevent injuries that may interrupt your physical ambitions.

This is not a problem in our class. We are small, hands on,we focus on posture and alignment, joint mobility and flexibility and we ALL need that. We take it slowly and work on the muscles that support you. You don’t need to be swinging from the light fittings immediately. You might go to the ceiling of what your body is happy with, but not through it. We have a 24 hour rule, if a movement irritates you, do you still know about it 24 hours later? If so, we go back work out what it was and adapt, the same outside of class. We ask before and after class if there is anything we need to know about and plan our lessons accordingly. That is the 24 hour rule it serves us well.

Taught properly, pilates mat exercises are both gentle and demanding. All exercises have levels and modifications. We are qualified to ensure you are working at the correct level for your ability.

For some people, private tuition is more appropriate to begin with, the main thig is to listen to your body. If you are unsure whether exercise is suitable, you need to see a GP and ask. We are commited to showing you how to exercise effectively. The more you do the more you will like the results.

Please note: I am not able to advise on specific medical conditions but can give general advice from a Pilates perspective and am happy to liaise with your existing Health Care Professionals.